Alive Events.

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Wedding Annoucements

  • Invitations like offset printing, boxed styled and art work.
  • Animated and #savethedate invites with wedding itineraries
  • Websites if required for the wedding.

Venue Layouts

  • Marking structural venue layouts
  • Setting up theme and seating layouts
  • All venue transformations with specialized themes and concepts.
  • Exclusive floral creations as per aesthetics and visual impacts.
  • Beautiful artworks to suit the venue and the event.

Travel, Accommodations & Logistics

  • All travel & accommodations arragements
  • Airport and Hotel transports and transfers.
  • Resorts or Service apartments
  • Help desks at various venues and hotels
  • All housekeeping at event venues.

Technical Solutions

  • Lighting and effective illumination both indoor and outdoor.
  • Visual equipments like projectors
  • Audio visual equipments provided with necessary power supply


  • Infrastructural arrangement as structures (Stage Platforms, Carpets, Tents
  • Wash and toilet facilities
  • All seating arrangements as tables and chairs.
  • Air Conditioning and Generator facilities.

Styling & Makeup

  • Bride and groom makeup and for family
  • Costume styling if required.
  • Corporate event dress code styling

Entertainments & Engagements

  • Celebrity performers and artists as required.
  • Other vocal instruments and bands
  • Event dance performances as per requirements
  • Theme based engagements and artists provided.

Food and confectionaries

  • Arrangement for all food (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with confectionery and sweets.
  • Fashion accessories if required.
  • Hospitality and serving team

Photography & Videography

  • Wedding albums, magazines and concept videos
  • Wedding albums, magazines and concept videos, photo books.
  • Live webcast of conferences and events.