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Awesome ways to create your event stage design

Designing a stage for an event is quite a tricky thing to do unless you have a designer hired for you. It is obvious that you would need some kind of assistant help but the design of the stage can be done by you. You just keep some things in mind and then go creative on that stage! You can even incorporate your ideas and design with Event Management Company in Kerala and take their help to make the event even more captivating and exciting while the stage looking glamorous. So, let us get onto the five ways how you can create the stage design for your event:

1) The Focus Firstly, analyze the type of event it is going to be and what will be the main focus of the event. If it is an award show then there need to be multiple focuses, if it is an artist or band performance or even a corporate event, then a single focus should be maintained in order to engage the audience and emphasize on that particular spot. This focus will control and be created by the lights as well as the background. Even wedding events have stages on which the couple is married or received

2) Lighting Once you figure out the focus, the next important thing is the lighting. This will set the mood and also help the audience to know where to see and whom to focus on. If it is a band performance and you simply flood the stage with white lights, the feel and energy are lost and gradually people lose interest in the show. But if you incorporate colours and depths on the stage, Good lighting builds a better connection with the audience and engages them even more. You can follow or mix and match between these three themes: - Monochromatic: Single base hue with all variety of shades, tints and tones of that particular hue. - Complementary: Two colours from the opposite sides of the colour wheel such as red and green. - Analogous: Two colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel like yellow and orange or red.

3) Backdrops An exciting way to awe the audience is to design a beautiful backdrop for the stage. Of course, if it's a corporate meeting then there is not much to do as mostly there will be a screen on the background. But with more events like award shows and weddings and performances, you can create a pretty backdrop which enhances the design of the stage. But make sure you follow the theme of the event. For example, if your wedding event has a floral and natural theme, you might want to do a floral or leafy backdrop with different artefacts. Most Event Management Company in Kerala will recommend a variety of backgrounds according to the event, whether it's just a curtain or a beautiful and richly designed backdrop.

4) Video If you are in need of a centrepiece for your stage, why not put on a video? Video walls with massive projections are guaranteed eyecatchers and have a nice effect on the stage. If it is an artist or band performance, you can show graphics video or the actual music video of the band. This can also be used as a method to add more light and texture to the stage.

5) Seating Style With so much effort into the stage designs, you must ensure the best possible view for the audience. If your venue does not already have a sitting arrangement, you need to set it in a way that everyone gets a good look at the stage. Arranging seats with tables between them might be good for a wedding but not performances. Hence, arrange those seats accordingly.

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